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Thursday, December 02, 2004


So, I was in chapel today and she was there and my friend Betty was like, "You better ask her or I'm not going to talk to you ever again." I knew that sooner or later if I really wanted to go to the Christmas Banquet with a date I'd have to ask someone, but I was just so nervous. I had never been nervous about asking a girl anywhere before and this was a wierd feeling for me. It was nerve racking, like when you sit at the dentist office and you know he's going to ask you if you have a cavity and then stick that metal thing in it, which by the way you can see here.

So the moment came, my other friend Sarah who takes role saw which door she was coming through and yelled out my name and pointed me in the direction so I could conveniently "bump" into her. So I walked up to her and she looked at me a little startled and I blurted out, "I was wondering if you would like to go to the Christmas Banquet with me." Then she quickly said back, "Yah, sure! Right now?" I didn't know what she meant by that and came to the conlcusion that she was probably startled by my sudden frankness and I jokingly responded, "Yah! Let's Go!" She laughed realizing what she had said and then gave me a reassuring, "Yes."

So there you have it folks, I have a date to the Christmas Banquet. I just hope that I won't regret giving my emotions lead over my logic again.

In other news, I stumbled on some other sites that may interest you guys. Here we have JFK Reloaded, yes even you get the chance to kill the former president. The cool thing is that if you can get the same shot that Oswald got then you win a $100,000. That is if you can make the same shot that Oswald shot. You'll probably need a "magic bullet" to pull it off though. Hot or Not is this website where you can post your picture and people will rate you on a scale of 1-10. My friend Larry and I put my other friend Eric, who I have also mentioned previously, on this website without his knowledge a little while ago. Well, I decided to put myself on there, so be nice and rate well, I do admit that I'm not the most handsome man out there but I do come pretty close. If you think that it's socially wrong to rate people then you can rate monkeys.

Well, you all have a nice day, if you like what you read then feel free to e-mail me @ joemomma17@msn.com, or you can post your comment.


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