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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I entered grades today from the week I was gone and this week. I noticed that some students failed to turn in classwork and homework. I wrote the assignments down and gave them a list of what needs to be turned in by Monday. Next week Monday through Thursday we will be taking our SAT's. It is important that everyone gets a good nights sleep and is ready, willing, and able to take their tests next week. There will be a privilege trip at the end of the month for good behavior. This will be the top 15 students (Grade wise) in the class.

There is math homework this weekend. I handed out about 4 worksheets to be completed. Most students did this today during their free time.

Folders went home today they are due back Friday signed.

If you have questions please email me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well, almost. But we're still open for business for the New Year of 2006! I would like to introduce to you, the new and improved, Inside Joe's Head

That's right folks, how kick-butt is it? So, from now on I'm no longer with blogger but am independent. You can now go to straight to insidejoeshead.com - I was getting tired of saying blogspot, then you gotta explain what a blog is. So there you have it. Please update you RSS feeds for those of you who RSS feed my blog *cough* Justin *cough* and the 70 other unknown people who have yet to introduce themselves,
or copy and paste: http://insidejoeshead.com/blog/?feed=atom

There you have it. See you on the other side! Ohh and by the way, all the stuff on this blog has been imported to the new one, plus a search option to look through my old posts. Bear with me there are still bugs that need to be worked out but we're getting there.


Friday, December 30, 2005

Stop Animation Video

Dumbest/Funniest Thing I've seen in a while...

First unique video I've seen using still shot animation (I think that's what it's called) well. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

GunZ The Duel: International Edition

GunZ The Duel: International Edition

Yet another awesome Free FPS. I'm downloading it right now to try out.


Bored? At Work? Can't load video games on your work computer? Then try these slightly entertaining free web-based MMORPG's. The tank one is pretty fun.

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Poor Man’s Air Conditioning.

If your cars air conditioning breaks in the middle of the summer what do you do? this Guy found a solution to beat the heat.

How to implant an RFID tag into your own hand

This guy shows how you can implant an RFID tag into your hand.

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Engineer Proves Speed Camera Error In Court

Engineer Bryn Carlyon was issued a ticket by a traffic speed camera in Cardiff, UK. But he used multiple timed snaps by the camera, plus a little basic math, to prove that he could not have been traveling at the speed on his citation.

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Revenge on a Nigerian Scammer!

Hilarious correspondence between a Nigerian scam artist trying to weasel money out of someone in the states. Except this person knows what's going on and is in fact giving the Nigerian a run for his money.

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"I Hate America"

Found A blog named "I Hate America"

I Found this Guy's blog and thought it was horrid. Join me posting hate comments!

I had a link there, unfortunately the poster of the blog was posting very unappropriate images on his blog so I took the link off. Sorry if you went there and saw it. Those were not my intentions.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Merry Christmas

I ment to make a special post wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. But I got a little busy. I also wanted to post this Video telling a little bit about who Santa really is... A NINJA! At least more a ninja than this guy.

Merry, although late, Christmas to all!

Ohh and Happy New Year...

Happy Holidays: We've Lost All Your Critical Data

Over 200,000 employees, time share owners and customers. Included in the data were every identity thief's dream starter kit: names, social security numbers, bank account numbers and credit card numbers. To apologize, Marriott has agreed to spend the $100 or whatever to give everyone impacted a free credit monitoring service.

Very, very, scary...

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Free Phone Calls - Beige Boxing

Anyone thinking free oversea calls?

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

High Velocity Pumpkins

See what happens when you shoot a pumpkin at various objects at a speed of 900mph.

900mph Pumpkin
Click me!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Live Newscast Hacked!!! (Images)

"Time Warner Cable's News 14 Carolina, chose the most convenient but least secure method to allow businesses to report closings: the Internet. Well, it wasn't long before members of The Wolf Web, an NCSU message board, exposed this flaw."

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