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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well, almost. But we're still open for business for the New Year of 2006! I would like to introduce to you, the new and improved, Inside Joe's Head

That's right folks, how kick-butt is it? So, from now on I'm no longer with blogger but am independent. You can now go to straight to insidejoeshead.com - I was getting tired of saying blogspot, then you gotta explain what a blog is. So there you have it. Please update you RSS feeds for those of you who RSS feed my blog *cough* Justin *cough* and the 70 other unknown people who have yet to introduce themselves,
or copy and paste: http://insidejoeshead.com/blog/?feed=atom

There you have it. See you on the other side! Ohh and by the way, all the stuff on this blog has been imported to the new one, plus a search option to look through my old posts. Bear with me there are still bugs that need to be worked out but we're getting there.


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