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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


So, December 9th is the big day, the Christmas Banquet at my school. Usually you're supposed to get a date for these things, it's not a requirement but people look at you funny if you don't have one. It's usually this really formal shin-dig with tuxes, flowers, and loads of awkward situations.

So - I want to ask this one girl, but despite my good looks, suave steps, and care-free attitude, I can't seem to summon up the courage to ask her. Of all people at my school I should be the one that should have no problem asking, it's not like I ever cared about what people thought of me before. Maybe I don't care about what people think of me in general, because in some way that's cool, but to have one person think you're dumb who you actually want to have think you're not dumb stinks.

She's a freshman and I'm a Junior, so you say "What difference does that make?" Well, according to the list of Joe's rules, which states that none of these rules can be broken for anyone, says that I will not date any persons who do not have a certain maturity level Thus, freshman, purely because of title, are automatically disregarded. Another rule, is that I shouldn't let my emotions blind me. Yet, every time I meet a girl I allow this to happen; and consequently my heart is crushed. Then I get mad, and hit myself for not obeying my rules! So the question now arises, do I date a fickle freshman who doesn't seem to be fickle; or, do I allow past experiences to judge future choices. They say you should learn from your mistakes, but that's my logical side. My emotional side says, "YAH MAN!!! Go for it!"

So tonight, is church. I will most likely see her at church. So I made a deal with myself to go ahead and ask her today, and despite the logical side of Joe I succumb to the emotional side, yet again. However, this time I have documentation (My Blog) so if anything happens and I regret choosing emotion over logic I will have a common law to refer back to.

Why do you ask I am interested? Well, she's gorgeous, sweet, interested in what I say, likes history, and is a no pressure type gal. So, wish me luck everyone...


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