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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I thought I'd put in some funny websites for those of you who visit my blog.

As we get together with friends and family to eat at thanksgiving we often think of America's celebrity "do it yourself" mother, Martha Stewart. However, lately she has been getting the raw deal. If any of you thought that maybe the world came down a little too hard on Martha Stewart you can sign a petition that will be sent to President Bush so he can pardon her. Also, there's the Save Martha website, where you can get your very own Save Martha T-Shirt bound to become popular until her release on March 6, 2005.

For a flash video on a personal favorite website which includes dancing badgers, a mushroom, and OHH a snake!!!

Incase I don't update until after thanksgiving here's something to keep you all busy on thanksgiving day. Sonic the Hedghog in a easy to use flash format. I have to say it's very impressive. Just click the "Click here to view this title" and you're set.


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