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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Wired magazine has a section in their magazine for the latest jargon so I e-mailed them some jargon that they may consider putting in their magazine. Here are some and their meanings.

Cobweb Site:
A Web site that hasn't been updated for a long time. A dead web page.

A badly written or profoundly useless Java applet.

The physical world (as opposed to the virtual) also "carbon community" "facetime" "F2F" "RL."

Percussive Maintenance:
The fine art of whacking a device to get it working.

Plug and Play:
A new hire who doesn't need any training. "The new guy John is great. He's totally plug-and-play."

I especially love "Carbon Community" in reference to the real world.


Blogger Eric Hayes said...

All of these are great. Where did you find them? (I know you're not clever enough to come up with all of them.)Craplet is my definate fav. I think I've seen one applet in the past year that actually worked. I'm so sick of craplets.

12/09/2004 01:44:00 AM

Blogger Joe said...

I found them online, but I tried looking and I don't remember where. If I come across it I'll put up the link, but those were the best ones.

12/09/2004 07:13:00 AM

Blogger AsnJ241 said...

I dig percussive maintenance.

12/09/2004 02:43:00 PM


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