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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Well, I went from being on the top to being on the bottom in a matter of minutes. So, I decide to go eat dinner with my friend Eric at the school's cafeteria. It was burger night which was good, so good in fact that I got up to go get another one when I spotted my friend Lydia Scott (who is best friends with Kelli) and I decide to stop and talk to her for a second. She asks my how my day went and I got a big smile on my face and I said that I asked Andrea to the Christmas Banquet and that she said yes. Then I started joking around with Lydia and telling her that I actually really wanted to go with her because she's so beautiful, yadda yadda yadda. Then I notice this look on Lydia's face and I turn and shockingly Andrea was standing right there. My mind freaking out started to race and I stuttered out, "Lydia asked me how my day went and I was telling her that I asked you to the Christmas Banquet." Thinking right now that I just royally messed up she said that her mom wants to talk with me. So I think to myself "no problem Joe, you got this." I was figuring that her mom just wanted to talk with me over the phone to see what kind of person is taking her daughter out which is totally commendable. So she calls Andrea calls her mom on her cell phone and she answers, "Hello." I say, "Yes, is this Mrs. Yachanin?"
"Hi this is Joe Philipson, how are you?"
"Ohhhh, Hi I've heard so much about you."
"Really, just today or previously?"
"No, previously."

Then her tone shifts to a more serious one, I can tell she wants to tell me something but I don't know what it is, all I can sense is that it's not good. Mrs. Yachanin says, "Listen, I need you to not say anything to Andrea but - well- you see-..." I'm think, "Just say it, you don't want me to go with her." Well, skipping all the dialogue basically what happened was is that another guy at the school was going to ask Andrea and he had already called the Mom a couple of days ago and asked her permission to take Andrea to the Christmas Banquet without Andrea's knowledge of this. So the Mom had already told the guy that he can go with her to the Christmas Banquet and what she told me was, "I'm sorry but I don't know how you're going to break it off with her." So now all of a sudden I'm supposed to tell this girl that wants to go with me and I want to go with to the Christmas Banquet that I can't go with her and I can't tell her a reason because I promised her Mom I wouldn't say anything to her.

Well, the Mom finally realizes what she's asking me and decides that she is going to tell Andrea. I tell the Mom that it's ok, it's no big deal, and that I totally understand. I basically lied, but at least maybe her Mom will respect me more after this. So I change the subject we talk about the weather and the usually garbage. By this time Andrea figures out what's going on by the expression of disappointment on my face. I hang up with her Mom; Andrea apologizes to me even though she doesn't know what’s happening. I tell her that it's no big deal, I am a little disappointed but I can take a rain check. I tell her that I'll see her around and not to worry about it. I left the room and she stayed behind to call her Mom.

So, that's all I know for now. Maybe tomorrow there will be some new developments. So many questions like what's the deal with her Mom? I thought it was up to Andrea to make the call on who she's going to date or not. Also, why hasn't this guy asked her yet and if he does will Andrea say yes? Will Andrea talk with her Mom and tell her that she was wrong and come to me tomorrow and ask if we can still go together? The only thing I know is that I've let my emotions blind me and I'm in a ton of drama that I've never had an intention of going back into. Maybe that's the way it is with girls. You can't have any type of relationship with a girl without some degree of chaotic drama entering your life. It's a little frustrating but I hope it all pans out well. I'll just trust the Lord and see what happens next.


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