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Sunday, December 05, 2004


So, Friday night there was a basketball game at our school. I knew that Andrea was going to be there because from what I hear she is always at the basketball games and I was really interested to see what the answer to all my questions would be. I walked in and found my friend Betty and started hanging out with her while watching the game. It was about 15 minutes into watching the game did I realize where she was sitting. She was seated at the farthest end of the gym, almost on the opposite side of the court where I was sitting. I kept my eye on her and was devising a strategy plan in my head and I noticed something. There was a guy that she was sitting next to and she they were occasionally talking to each other. I figured ok, no big deal because if I was sitting there and I didn't know her then I would totally be talking to her too, I think she saw me too looking at her.

So I went back to the game and talking to my friend Betty. There was about 5 minutes left in the game and we were tied up and it was starting to get brutal on the court. At this point the whole croud was standing in the bleachers and I noticed that Andrea had climbed up higher on the bleachers probably to get a better look at things (since she's short). However, the thing that interested me was that the guy that she was talking to was still with her. Man did I feel like a dope! I think she was on a date with that guy, and I don't know for sure but I think that that is the guy that was going to ask her to the Christmas Banquet. When the game ended (we lost by the way) I saw her coming towards me. I was shocked, I didn't know what to do so I conveniently got myself "lost" in the crowd. It turns out that she was by the exit to the gym, I don't know if she was waiting for me or just hanging out but we started to talk. I asked her what happened last night with her mom and she said that the guy finally asked her and that she is going to go with him. I was dissappointed of course but I told her that I hope that she has fun. We talked a little bit about the game and then I told her that I had to run.

Feeling like crud I decided that I needed to go to the Christmas Banquet anyways just to show her that all the fun that she is going to miss out on. So I asked Betty because she is a way cool friend and I'm always cracking her up. So that's what happened, I told Betty that we should go together and so we can have fun.

Well, today I'm getting ready to play my violin in the orchestra at our church when someone tells me that she might not be coming back to school next semester, something that she had told me previously. I was like that stinks becuase the Christmas Banquet is the last dating activity this semester so if she doesn't come back then I won't see her again. When this whole thing started I almost didn't care either way, but the more complicated it's getting the more I want to go with her. I guess it's the whole "I want what I can't have" thing. Well whatever. Thursday is the Christmas Banquet and Betty and I are going to have fun.


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