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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Interesting Day

Everybody knows that I'm a pretty laid back guy. However today really pushed my buttons. It's Saturday and Saturdays are big retail days. Mind you I work at Best Buy and, to my great unfortune, work in the PCHO Department which I just learned after 3 months of employment stands for Personal Computer Home and Office. Why not call it the Computer Department? Personal Computers? Do we sell Community Computers? Public Computers? I can see it now, "Oh sorry Ms. I can't sell you this system it's not for personal use only public." Anyways that's another blog. Why is this Department annoying? Mostly the customers. There's nothing worse than a large mass of uneducated people thinking they know more than you and asking you questions. They don't believe anything you say. ANYTHING! Like hi my name is Joe and Best Buy, Inc. hired me to work in the computer department because I know nothing about computers. Moreover, if they already come in with the paradigm that us employees know nothing then why are they bothering to ask us questions?! I spent an hour and a half explaining to a customer that he couldn't plug his telephone into his computer and use his DSL. He just wouldn't get it. On top of that he didn't understand why he needed a router to hook up playstation to DSL. After Drawing two diagram's, comparing their internet service with cable and their TV hook-ups, as well as Agricultural examples (ex. One doesn't plant apple seeds and grow oranges) they still didn't believe me. On top of that I was the second person they were asking because they didn't believe the first person. It gets annoying having to explain the same thing 10 times a day. Here are some examples:

1. Wireless internet does not mean you can go anywhere in the world and go on the internet. Wireless internet is not something you pay for monthly. A wireless router is hooked up and you can go on the internet in the vicinity of the router. No you can't go to work and use the internet from home unless your work is roughly 100ft from the router.

2. Yes I work here. Thus the blue shirt with the Best Buy logo. (I know that customers use this to open a conversation, however here are some examples. Excuse me Sir. Are you busy? Can I ask you a question? Can I have a moment of your time?)

3. The printer ink is located on top of the printers in the printer isle.

4. Microsoft Office does not come with Microsoft XP. Yes, really.

5. No computers do not come with floppy drives. Because they are obsolete.

People don't seem to understand that you need something to broadcast wireless signal and something to receive wireless signal.

So it was a busy day today being Saturday. Some black lady accused me of being racist. That happens about once a month. She's sitting around, doesn't make eye-contact with me, doesn't say excuse me, doesn't make her presence known at all. She just sits there as if she is already being helped. I am literally helping 3 people and have 3 more waiting for me. I finish one, jump to the next person. As soon as I get to the next person awaiting my assistance I have this black lady jump out of her seat. "Mmmmm-Hmmm I CAN NOT BELIEEEEVE THIS! I HAVE BEEN WAITING HERE, WHEN IS IT MYYYY TURN?" This lady wasn't nearly here as long as anybody else, but oohhhh no. The entire world owes it to black people. Their great great great grandparents were slaves so they better get everything they want! (I understand not all black people are like this but here in the Antelope Valley the majority are) She was peaking the rudeomintor and nearly broke what little patience I had left. I tried to apologize but was being interrupted by her constant remarks of my prejudice. At this point in time I was fed up. "You know what!" I exclaimed. "I'm the only one here and there are 3 people waiting on me, there aren't any numbers here so why don't you just wait your turn and sit down and I'll be with you in just one minute!" Of course that didn't go over well, too bad she didn't have as much class as her teenage son who was repeatedly apologizing for his mothers behavior. She gave me the evil eye the entire time I was helping the other customers and when I got to her she was still having a little, Look-at-me-the-most-persecuted-person-in-the-world party. The only thing she is being opressed by is her own paradigm. The only bias that I see are companies, organizations, churches, and schools of higher educations having to accept black people over white people. On top of that, I don't appreciate the money I give you for welfare going to sport your new spinner rims on your Escalade. I just feel like saying, "excuse me ma'am, are you going to thank me? Because I'm the gentleman that buys you dinner, pays your rent, and keeps your lights on. Can we have a little more courteousy and respect?" Anyways, that's another blog.

Well, well, well...So today was a crazy day. I could write more but it is now 12:55. I have no intention of proof reading this thing so if their were mistakes deal with it.


Blogger Tim said...

Well sounds like things are crazy for you. Hope everything works out with Betty. Good luck with your job and I’ll pray you don’t get fired for being racist.

PS I’m the master at writing things with wrong spelling and stuff like that. So it's ok.

5/22/2005 07:35:00 PM


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