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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

David Ortega

I got home from work about an hour ago, we had this big wig corporate crew coming in to the store the next day to just check and make sure everything looked good and that everything was straight and operational. So what's the big deal? Well, nothing was looking good or straight or operational. Especially in my Deptartment, Home Theatre. So that meant staying after hours to clean-up. While I was straightening up one side of the isle my co-worker David Ortega was cleaning up the other side. I asked him, "Hey David, where do you go to church?" I knew that he didn't go to church but I was just obeying the Holy Spirit's impulse. He said that he didn't go to church. I asked


"Because I there isn't anywhere really good to go."

"Have you ever been to Lancaster Baptist Church?."


"Well, It's a great church and maybe you should come out sometime and check it out."

He talked about how he trys to be a good person and that he trys to do right. I explained to him that it doesn't matter how good we are, but that we are all bad and sinners by nature. I asked him if he was 100% for sure that if he died would he go to heaven. He said that he didn't and asked me if I did. I told him that I did because I was saved. He was familiar with the term. I quoted him John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." By the time I was finished quoting and explaining the verse to him he asked. So how do I get saved? Shocked I didn't know whether to go to the next verse which was in Romans. I basically told him and asked him if he would like to bow his head and accept Christ. He did. David Ortega got saved at about 10:30. I asked him how he felt. This question is always wierd because some people feel different and some people don't. He told me that it felt like he was lighter, that his heart is cleaner and that there is something inside him! How amazing is that! He told me that he had prayed that someone would show him the way and that for some wierd reason people have been talking to him about getting "saved." His uncle who was in prison, perfect strangers, and now me. I told him that God was answering his prayer and was trying to show him the way. I then talked to him about being secure in his salvation and what baptism meant. I asked him if he would like to come to church on Sunday to get baptized and he sayed, "Yeah, sure. Let me get your phone number." He wanted MY phone number so that he could call me about coming to church. We exchanged phone numbers and he is going to come to church on Sunday to get baptized and join. The reason why I am so excited was that it was so natural. It was the first time that I shared the gospel and the plan of salvation with anyone and it was so flowing. The Holy Spirit had full liberty through me, It's never felt so natural. I didn't care about what my other co-workers would think as they were walking around and sometimes hearing what we were talking about. It was like the whole world faded away and I focused in on his soul. I was texting Betty at the time and I stopped in mid conversation. I'm sure she'll understand once I tell her what happened. I was so excited that I called my roommate Matt Manney and told him. The Lord is really starting to shape my life, He is beginning to do something in me that I can not begin to imagine. It is both exciting and intriguing. I feel like a flower that is beginning to bloom. I've broken through the hard soul. I've established my roots and beliefs. As I grow I begin to see the son. The higher I climb the more I bloom. The more I bloom the more I able to bask in the security and warmth of that son.


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