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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well....I know I haven't written for a while on my blog. A lot of stuff has been happening, finals, work, and the girlfriend. Betty and I are currently on "friends" basis. She needs time to figure things out so I am totally fine with that, so in the mean-time we are both single. I moved out of the dorms and into Eric's Apartment. The picture above is my new room. Pretty sweet huh? School is over, this is good and bad. I found out I failed Greek! Makes me want to say things like !@#$% and &^*%$. I put soo much into that class and to see the fruits of my labor amount to nothing but a BIG FAT "F" really discourages me. However all I can say is "whatever" and move on with my life. Hopefully I'll be passing all my other classes. Work, School, Driving to Visalia on the weekends, and Betty was definately a full load if not suicide. Not that it was bad but I thought I could handle it. It is not that bad though, at least I didn't fail alone. My friend Larry Chappell (The President's Son) was the one that found out and broke the news to me. It comforts my wounds. I will be writing about some cool stuff that I've come across but time is not much now so I must be leaving. Tomorrow I have to wake up butt early and drive Eric and Megan to the airport so that Megan can meet Eric's family and Eric can ask Megan to marry him. Pretty cool huh? Maybe I too will someday ask a girl to marry me. Right like that'll happen. Well, better finish unpacking...


Blogger Tim said...

Does matt still live their? when I come out there this summer we need to have a UT gaming LAN party whatever we called it.

5/12/2005 01:32:00 PM


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