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Monday, August 01, 2005

Florence, Italy

Florence was ok…Same old thing around Europe, catholic churches, tons of paintings, good food, and tourists. One cool thing though is I visited a Roman colosseum that was still being excavated. I knew that there just had to be some stuff lying around so I found this pile of dirt that was put aside. I started digging and I found some really cool things. I’ll try and post the photos of my finds but what I found was a rim of some pottery. Some terracotta pieces of pottery, a tooth, and some other interesting stuff that I want to get checked out by an expert. So that was interesting. I feel kind of bad that I haven’t been able to contact my place of employment. I have to be at work today sometime. I can imagine right now checking my voicemail when I get back in my car at the airport and hearing all the messages. “Joe, you’re supposed to be at work today, call us back. Joe, this is the second day we haven’t heard from you, we’re going to have to write you up. Joe, you’re fired.”

I called my mom last night though to tell her that I wasn’t going to be coming back. I didn’t get the reaction that I thought I would. She was actually happy for me! She was actually encouraging me to travel the world. That was cool. Of course she had to tell me that I was irresponsible about the job thing but that’s what moms are for.

Also, I’ve realized the commitment that I have to Betty. I’m going all over this place and there are all these girls that think I’m cute but I know that Betty is the one for me. I’m committed to her and our relationship. I just hope that she feels the same way. Well, I'm in Rome now and I'm off to see the colosseum. Ciao!


Blogger Tim said...

Hope u have fun man. I put some stuff on my blog about my trip to new orleans if u want to check it out.

8/01/2005 05:43:00 PM


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