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Sunday, July 24, 2005

In London

Well, I finally got to a computer. I'm sitting in an internet cafe. It's 1 pound for one hour. That's about $1.80 USD. I'm having a really good time over here, I'm going to France next week. The original plan for me was to come back after that but I have the opportunity now to go to Italy and then to Greece. I'll have to quit my job at Best Buy but ohh well...why not be a little spontaneous in life.

As you guys know, Betty and I broke up. Yeah I miss her. It may be the distance, it may be the time that we haven't spoken, or just the 6 million + beautiful women from all over Europe in one centralized location. Whatever it is, I really miss her. Terribly...

Oddly enough, I seem to be developing an English accent. How weird is this? My vocabulary seems to be switching as well.

Although the people here speak English it is a bit different. Here are some:

lemonade = Sprite (Took me a couple of wrong orders to figure out this one)
Subways = Underground walkways
Tubes = Subways
Dinner = the meal between lunch and supper
Supper = last meal of the day (they have 4 meals a day, yummy....)

I had a Orange Fanta from Spain today. It was soooo good. It was 10% real orange juice even. Everything that you are used to in one place is different in other places. McDonald's here is delicious, Pizza Hut is a fancy restaurant. And so many other peculiarities.

As far as the bombings go, I'm ok everyone. I was near the incidents but I wasn't near enough to be in any type of danger.

Things that I have done so far:
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
Natural History Museum
The British Museum
Nottingham (where robin hood lived)
Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards
London Bridge (it's not really falling)
Speakers corner
Queen's Garden
Royal College of Music (went to check it out, they were closed for summer break which started the day I arrived)

Next I'll be going to Paris. I'll have tons of fun there. See you all around.


Blogger Tim said...

Sounds like your having fun. Get some pictures a put them on your flickr account.

7/27/2005 12:20:00 PM


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