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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Yesterday I had a great day. It was Betty's day off and I decided to plan a whole day together where we were going to do stuff. I met her at the North Auditorium at our church where Ray Cazis asked me to come to catch the last day of the Christian Schools winter revival. Betty and I joined a bunch of my little 8th grade friends while we sat listening to the preacher. Little did I know that Ray Cazis was going to ask me to stand up and give a little "advice" to the teens in the room. I told them that if they wouldn't worry about where they're going to go to college, who they're going to marry but would just worry about being in God's will today that in 5, 10, and 20 years from now they will be in God's will. If they will just read their bibles and spend time with God daily, soul-win and go to church when they were supposed to, and if they followed the Word of God to the best of their ability then they will be in God's will in the future.

After Chapel David Delaney told me that Highland High School is now back from there winter break and that the bible clubs were starting up today and asked if I would like to go. I told Betty that I had planned to have a picnic with her for lunch but that I should go to Highland with Dave. She was fine with that and so I went to Highland High School. Dave took me to Fizoli's (I think that's how it's spelled). It's a fast food Italian restraunt but it's really good. They have unlimited breadsticks there and Dave challenged me to break his record of 14, I tried but with my pizza and drink I could only get to 6 breadsticks before I couldn't eat anymore. Whenever Dave and I hang out weird stuff always happens. On our way back to church we were going to turn this corner and we saw an older man back by the tailgate of his truck facing the road and looking down. We were both wondering what he was doing and I said, "It looks like he's taken a pee." Well, as we rounded the corner the guy was in fact facing traffic using the street as his personal restroom. He wasn't trying to hide, there was no shame, and he was just relieving himself is all. We both couldn't believe our eyes, Dave honked his horn and the guy raised his free hand in the air as if he didn't care what we saw. Dave and I were both stunned, we sat silent for a literal 30 seconds until we both simultaneously erupted into laughter. It was the funniest and sickest thing I've ever seen. We laughed and shook our heads all the way back to church. It was a sad testimony of our countries moral condition. We got back to church and I talked to Betty some more before we went out to go Teen Soul Winning with the High schoolers. We road on the bus together and went door knocking together. We had a great time. Betty, Dave, about 60 teenagers and I all went to Taco Bell afterwards, Dave told us that we should go on a double date sometime with him and his wife, I thought that was a great idea. We got back to church and got ready for the night service. That night my little cousin Manuel was going to get baptized, I led him the Lord last Sunday night. He was so excited that he called me 21 times that day to make sure that I was still going to come pick him up. We went to church and that night Manuel got baptized. What a blessing that was! Helen Manuel's sister also came and visited that day, it was great. I took them home that night and came back on campus where Betty fed me some Top Ramon noodles. So all in all it was an awesome day!


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