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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Everything is OK

Well, New Years morning about 1am Betty called me to apologize, I got a chance to talk to her then and just basically calmed her down and made her feel better, I told her that everything is OK and that she shouldn't worry. If you're lost don't worry I am too. I don't really know why but she feels unsure and scared about, us. Maybe something that happened in the past but I'm not for sure. We haven't heard anything back from Mrs. Weaver yet but I'm sure it will be good. Eric came over that night and we watched some TV and fell asleep.

The next day which was last night Eric, Megan, Betty, and I went to Olive Garden. It was fun, iyt was the first time I got to take Betty out to eat and I really enjoyed myself. She later told me that she had a great time as well. I want to start reading our bibles together, sort of a New Year thing I guess. So we read Genesis 1 and Mathew 1, and will read a chapter together every day this year. Bro. Weaver told me to take the "High Road" I told him I would try and that's exactly what I'm gonna try to do.


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