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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What is Blogging?

The more I tell people about my Blog, the more I get the same question. What is a Blog? Well a Blog is short for "Web Log." Wikipedia.com (An open-source dictionary) gives this definition. Time Magazine also put an article about the importance and the rising popularity about blogs and their impact on our world. Blogs can be an online personal journal, for your insurance business, to spread personal opinions on political, and religious opinions, or a place to post your baking recipe's to the world. It could be the Boston Sports Blog for all your Boston Sports needs. A Blog is a tool to inform or disinform, to persuade, or to ridicule, to bring up, or to destroy. You can get inside people's lives or read about topics.

The best way I guess to understand what a Blog is would be to just go find one you like and read it.


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