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Monday, December 20, 2004

What's Going on...

Well, I haven't had a breath lately to Blog much except about Sho's wedding quickly. I forgot to write about our College and Career classes Christmas Party last Thursday. Our teacher Bro. Tierney is a way cool guy. I really like him and respect him and look up to him. We had this mystery dinner where someone died and everyone splits up into teams. Of course I got together the smartest people in the party - Eric and I. Of course, since Eric and Megan are dating she had to be in our group, which was fine because we had all the brain power we needed. Also, Amanda Michael was in our group but as stated above we already had all the brain power we needed so even with Amanda and Megan it was like overkill. Our group brain capacity was running at these quantities:

Joe = 65%
Eric = 65%
Amanda = 32.5%
Megan = 32.5%

Now, you're probably saying, "How come the girls have half the brain power as the guys?" Well, everyone knows that guys are twice as smart as girls, and if you're even asking that question it probably means that you're a girl. You're also probably wondering how in the mathematical world our group attained 195%bp (brain power). Yes, it is amazing; I believe that the statistical impossibility alone shows how awesome we were. In fact, I took a picture of the brain activity of our group at the party - just disregard the date on the picture. Well, whatever, it was fun and we ended up having the best results of who killed who, with what, how, and all the other sorts of questions that needed to be answered. Even though that was fun, the real fun was playing Battlefield 1942 with Bro. Tierney until 3 am. I have to admit that was the most fun I've had in a while.

Moving on, Saturday (which was yesterday) was Sequoia Baptist Church's official first youth activity in a long time. We had an awesome time! We played lots of games, had a gift exchange, ate pizza, and Jacques von Rooyen, a good friend of mine, preached on purity. Probably the best thing that came out of this youth activity was that it really broke the ice with the teens and I. I think that they saw a side of me they didn't know was there. There was one game where you get two people to sit across from each other and they have to start talking to each other at the same time about whatever. The person who can go the longest having this one sided conversation without saying "Ummm" or "Like" or pausing wins. It was my turn and as I sat down to face my opponent the teens were saying, "Yah right, Bro. Philipson is way too quiet, he never talks." Boy did I shock them! I think that made them a lot more comfortable around me. So that's that. Nothing really more important to write about. Of course there are tons of things that happen to me that I really can't share because of the audience and I have to think about who might be reading and stuff, not that what I would write would be bad or inappropriate but just for confidential reasons. I might start another Blog, one that nobody really knows about where I can just write my true feelings out on, but managing just this Blog takes time.

Well, it's getting late and I need to go to bed. See Ya!


Blogger jean-pierre said...

Hey Joe, hope you had a good week end.

Seen the stats on Iraqi dead and our allied dead? Curious. I checked the Honor the US dead web site, it's not been updated, still at 1440, something like that. ( http://www.militarycity.com/valor/honor.html)

We need to quit whining about whether Bush was right or not, how many casualites we have taken, crying about collateral damage and civilian deaths. Time to get solidly behind the war effort, support our great nation, and win this war!

By the way, take some action besides talking, writing. If you are of age to serve in the military, and have not yet done so, go sign up. Our freedom, our security, our very lives are at stake. If you are too old, infirm, or otherwise not qualified to go serve there, as military or civilian contractor, help out here at home, as neighborhood watch, volunteer fire department, hospice or hospital volunteer. I went and got half a dozen boxes of books, provided free to troops, and took them to our local guard company which is being deployed. There are so very many ways you can help your fellow Americans. Merry Christmas!

12/20/2004 01:08:00 AM

Blogger Joe said...

I do support the war effort, I do believe in the cause for the war in Iraq and I am helping in the war by vocally supporting out troops here at home. Although, I am not enlisted in the military it doesn't mean that I don't support our troops. Not because I'm scared, but because I have a different purpose in life. I'm already serving in the military (II Timothy 2:3).

However, if there came a time when my country absolutely needed men to go overseas and protect our country I would be the first one in line. No doubt about that. Today I preached to a group of teenagers, then went and preached in a retirement home to people that have been called, "The Greatest Generation." I am serving my country, in remembering the past and preparing the hearts and minds of the future. Nevertheless, if the day comes when a price must be paid, a battle for freedom so desperate that the cause is too great to deny. I will more than gladly go, and if need be, relinquish my life for the security of a future generation.

12/20/2004 01:28:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe, it's Amanda, and I just want to say that I absolutely resent the whole 32.5% thing! First of all, I know it was a team effort and all, but I think you forgot that I was the one to ask the critical question of the night... the question that gave our team the edge over all the others... I was the one that asked Ginger "Was Elmer blackmailing your husband?" Hello?!Furthurmore, I was also the one to ask her what her husband did for a living... that's how we figured out how she killed Elmer... So... while your 65% of the brainpower kept asking irrelevent questions such as "do you know anything about tree fungus" my 32.5% was winning the game... I don't know, brother, but I think you have your math wrong...

12/20/2004 09:30:00 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Amanda, I wrote that for two reasons. One to see how often you read my Blog, and to be honest I'm flattered. Secondly, to get you steaming. Lol, you were a help in our group, and thank you. So let the record show that Amanda contributed 65% bp.

12/20/2004 11:12:00 PM


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