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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Do Geese See God?

Advertising companies are always wondering how to advertise to people effectively. Well, Amazon.com has gotten the hang of it. I was surfing their site the other day looking for a Christmas gift for my father, I hope he likes it, when I stumbled upon these short flicks which can be viewed at their home page. The first one I saw was "Do Geese See God?" The title intrigued me and lured me in. I watched the flick and thought Wow! How trippy! Then I started wonder, what does this have to do with Amazon.com? I found out once the credits rolled, besides the usual names of the actors were the products displayed in the flick, and you could click those products and it would pull up on Amazon giving you an option to buy. I thought, how clever? They did it, they advertised to me and not only did I not know it, I enjoyed it. In my family the only action the remote control ever gets is during a commercial break. So, there you have it all you big advertising companies; don't shove billboards, signs, flashing lights, loud speakers, brought to you by's, or distinct product placements. Make the product part of the story.


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