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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Recent Shindig

I hate blogger sometimes...this is my second time typing this whole thing. Well, here we go again. I'm sitting at my parents house using their Wi-Fi listening to my mom angrily talk to herself about...well...whatever she's angry about today. My dad got mad and left the dinner table because before I took my first bite of dinner my mom was talking about, non other thing then my wedding day. Why can’t she get off the wedding kick?

I like typing on my Blog. However, this Blog has been a curse and a blessing. The goal of this Blog in the beginning was to freely express myself without worrying about what people thought of me because, well, either nobody would be reading it or strangers would be. However I was so proud about the fact that I was publishing something on the internet for the world to read and that I was a pioneer in the front of Blogging that I shared it with my closest friends. I wrote about my personal life, things that happened to me, jokes I came across, cool websites, and experiences in my life. I wrote stuff to my youth group and showed them the daily side of my life. Looking back I regret some of the things that I posted. I exploited a lot of my relationship with Betty, giving one side of the story. What can I say? I’m a big fat jerk head. I don’t deserve someone as awesome as Betty. Do I still love her? Yes. I traveled all over the world thinking about her and about us. I know that if I’m ever going to have another chance with her again that I’m going to have to shape up. If she’ll give me that chance that is…I think that it takes a long time for a guy to realize how much of a screw-up he is. But I’m trying and learning, doesn’t that count for anything?! It may, it may not. I don’t know…Here I go again, I should just stop writing now. How about I finish talking about my trip?

I got off my train from Athens, Greece to Thessalonica, Greece at 9 pm. The train ride took a total of six excruciating hours! I couldn’t handle it. Well, I think you know that from my last post. I jumped off the train, found a quick bite to eat at a gyro shop where everyone was watching a soccer game and then went to an internet café to Blog from. My next train was to leave at 11pm. I blogged for a while and noticed that it was time for me to get on my train. It would start there, go through Bulgaria, stop in Bucharest, Romania then arrive at it’s destination in Budapest, Romania. After I got done blogging I walked back to the train yard where I was met by police officers in riot gear. I thought that it was an unusual sight and thought it was some drill or practice they were undergoing. As I walked down the steps to get to my binario, or platform, I heard chanting and beating of a drum. The people in the hall in front of me started hurrying along and then jumped into the splitting corridors. As I walked the chanting and beating of the drum became louder and louder, I realized that there actually was a riot taking place! Right here in the train station. So I did what any good tourist would have done. I walked towards the riot to get some pictures! It was cool, hundreds of people chanting and rocking the cars of the trains back and forth as they celebrated the victory of their soccer team. I can’t believe people get so worked up over a sports game…I like video games. I like them a lot. However, if I can’t beat a certain level or if I beat a game you don’t see me in the streets chanting and beating a drum. Well, I grabbed a couple of Orange Fantas, the best drink in Southern Europe EVER!, and jumped on the train. There I met my two Romanian roommates. They were both engineers coming back from a conference in Greece. They both spoke English flawlessly and knew five other languages. They were full blown engineers and were younger than me. Crazy huh?! America is so different compared to other countries, but that’s another post. Well, to shorten things [Great…my mom’s back home] I found out that the train ride was scheduled to be 42 HOURS!!! Can you believe it? I was to be sitting in a 3 x 8 box for 42 hours! It gets worse. As it turns out there isn’t a food cart or resturaunt on this train. So I sat bored on a train for 46 hours (it was late) starving my brains out. Well, when the train did stop in Bucharest I jumped off, ran to McDonald’s bought a Greek Mac, Royal Cheeseburger, and two Big Macs. I ran back as the train was pulling out and jumped on the last car with the helping hand of a passenger. Man I was sooo lucky! I took my passport and a wad of cash just in case I got left behind I could make my way around. I gave a Big Mac to some Korean guy in the room next to me. It was funny; I knew he had to be as hungry as me so I got him a Big Mac. When I gave it to him I said, “Happy Birthday” like it was nothing and walked to my cabin to put my passport and money away. I walked back to the Korean guys room and he was pulling a Korean fan out of his bag. I jumped down from the top storage with the fan. He bowed his head and with both hands presented the fan to me saying, “Ha-pee Burt-day.” I laughed and we ate together, even though I didn’t understand a thing he was talking about and he had no clue what I was talking about. I finally went to Budapest, Hungary where I enjoyed myself for the remainder of my vacation. I went cave exploring (found some photos on flickr but I didn't want to break my camera going in but it was the same experience), which was the funnest thing I did on my whole entire trip, possibly my entire life, and wandered around the city. I toured Steven Spielberg’s set of his new movie Munich. It was cool. Met some French guys and we discussed politics and eventually religion where I was able to witness to them. I’ll have to talk about the spiritual state of Europe sometime as well…

I’m in school now. It’s hard to see Betty everyday and not be a part of her life. If I could go back and change things I would. I guess everyone would. At least I’ve learned and am pressing on. I hope she’ll give me that second chance. I have a tough load this year. My three main classes and assignments are:

Daniel and Revelation
- Read the book of Daniel and Revelation four times
- Read Commentary on Daniel and Revelations
- Read Romans fifteen times
- Read Commentary on Romans
- Read Genesis two times
- Read Commentary on Genesis
Bible Doctrines 3
- Read 750 pages of outside reading
- Write two Thesis’

Those are just the main classes and assignments. I am taking a total of 19 credits this semester and if I can keep it up I’ll get to graduate this year. Spiritually God has never been better to me and I truly feel His power on my life at this moment. Well, until next time people.

By the way, my friend Eric sent me a link to the Unstoppable Robot Ninja but I seriously doubt that the Unstoppable Robot Ninja would ever have the slightest chance against The Killer Janapnese Seizure Robots. It would be a sweet battle though.


Blogger Tim said...

I hate it when family fights come up like that. I type my blogs in word then copy paste it in. I hope everything works out with u and Betty for the best. Good luck with collage. I'll pray that u pass all the class u need to for graduation. ttyl

9/15/2005 07:05:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe:

I like you. Your a nice young man with a good heart.

I speake the truth in love: When a girl is second choice for a date, don't blog her name. She does not want to know she is 2nd choice and I bet a million dollars that someone who reads this is going to tell her.... just a tip.

9/15/2005 08:09:00 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Yeah I know, I'm a dumb guy. What can I say?! But Betty wasn't a second choice. She was a friend that when I didn't go with the first girl she took her place. Which was very sweet. In fact, it opened my eyes. I realized how much of an awesome person she was and that I didn't need to go out looking for love when it was sitting at the table right next to me. Betty was my second choice to the Christmas banquet. But she became my first choice and the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

9/18/2005 02:03:00 PM


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