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Monday, December 13, 2004


I was sitting deep in thought as usual thinking about today. I stayed up all night pretty much last night at Denny's studying for my Greek (Koine) and History of Civilization class's final exams. Then it hit me. Denny's is a 24 hour restaurant and they have free refills on all their drinks. Also, which I just learned last night, they recently put in free Wi-Fi. This thrilled me so much when I found this out because I for one think it's horrible that Starbucks and all these other places charge you $30 a month to use there Wi-Fi in their restaurant. That's ridiculous! It should be free! It's an incentive for me to come to your establishment and drink your coffee. I could just stay at home in my pajamas and use the internet there for $30 a month, why would I go to a "T-Mobile Hot Spot"? Really?

So back to Denny's; talk about bragging rights, man; A whole 24-hour in one restaurant drinking free refill coffee. The waitress that served me my first drink would also serve me my last. She would have gone home, went to bed, dropped her kids off at school, watched TV, then come back in for work- and I'm still there. This is exciting, I already have people agreeing to come visit me and play Monopoly or just hang. If I get some good video games like Half-Life 2 for Christmas (my favorite video game) *hint* *hint* and some movies I can tough it. I can also Blog the whole event to keep you all up to date. I told Eric and he did a quick search to see if anyone else has attempted anything like this and he found this.

Also....there's this meteor shower last night and tonight. It's crazy because every time I hear about a meteor shower I stay up looking to the sky's and never really see anything. So last night I saw three in a row. So I checked the space weather and sure enough the earth was about to be showered upon. Tonight was going to be the most so Eric, Megan (the anime character), Betty, and I kept our eyes peeled. I saw one at school but didn't really see many until I got home in the middle of nowhere at which time I saw Five in a 45 second period. It was exciting! So that's what happened today. Peace!


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