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Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, school is going good I guess.  I’m sitting in our school’s Educator’s Conference.  The good thing is that classes are cancelled.  I’m swamped with school work though.  I have to outline the book of Daniel, write a paper on the difference between a pastor and evangelist, that’s the lightest one, a Bible doctrines paper, 5 pages.  I also have a 5 page paper on the life of Joseph due for Genesis.  Those are all due next week.  Some cool things that I’m going to talk about technology wise.  I downloaded a program Konfabulator, it’s probably the coolest thing that I’ve downloaded since I was a kid and went crazy looking for screen savers.  Konfabulator created widgets.  The new Mac OS uses the Konfabulator software for these widgets.  The cool thing that I never knew was that Konfabulator has been around for a while and that it’s for both mac and pc.  How cool is that?  I highly recommend it, it’s fun to mess around with and is actually very useful.


Blogger Tim said...

Yeah I've had that program for a mouth or 2 its really cool.

10/07/2005 09:58:00 PM


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