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Friday, March 04, 2005


Punitive Shoes If you wear these shoes, please send me a picture because I just don't believe it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/04/2005 02:58:00 PM

Anonymous Casey said...

wow i really like those shoes theyre really cool but i wouldnt wear them they would hurt! the 3rd ones are cool....yup....hi joe....

3/04/2005 07:33:00 PM

Blogger Joe said...

i bet they do hurt

3/04/2005 08:05:00 PM

Blogger Tim said...

i would so wear those. those things are sweet

3/04/2005 08:47:00 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Just kidding

3/04/2005 09:10:00 PM

Anonymous Casey said...

lol tims funny...

3/05/2005 11:07:00 AM

Anonymous Casey said...

hey joe do u have msn messenger? cuz me brit and danielle have it...but anyways i was just wondering...hmm i really like ur site its cool.

3/05/2005 11:23:00 AM

Blogger Joe said...

Yeah, I have MSN, AOL, and Yahoo.

Aol = WoeJoe16
MSN = Joemomma17
Yahoo = JPhilipson1

3/05/2005 07:41:00 PM

Blogger Tim said...

hey i didn't know u had aol my aol name is TimTheTrekie.

3/05/2005 09:00:00 PM


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