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Friday, February 25, 2005

Broken PC

Well...My laptop broke. Not too badly, I was typing in History of Civilizations and when I moved my fingers from the letter "V" to the letter "R" with my index finger, I nicked my "G" kicked and literally flung it across the room. So I sent it in to get fixed along with the pixels missing on my screen, unresponsive mouse, and vibrating DVD drive. I got scared a couple of days ago because Compaq said that Fedex had my laptop and that they never delivered it, and Fedex said that they never picked up my laptop from my house. This was disturbing considering that I saw the driver take it. I could probably blog forever about how I hate calling customer service outfits that outsource there clientelle's calls. Most Frustrating. However, they did find it and when I recieve my laptop either Friday, or Monday. I will post about all the great stuff that happened. Well, talk to you all later.


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