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Monday, February 14, 2005


Contrapossibly the greatest video game series ever created. I actually started a petition a while ago to get the game remade and brought back. Today's video games are too realistic. Whatever happened to the good old days of video gaming? Contra is what it's all about. You got this Commando, probably on some type of experimental government drugs, running with his shirt off, bandana on wrapped around his head and guns blazing on alien invaders. It's got everything a video game needs, plus UNLIMITED AMMO! Walk around and conserve ammo? NO! I don't even know why they have a 'fire' button I just hold the fire key down. That's what it's all about. You even get invinsibility the first like 10 seconds of each level! The new Metal Gear Solid 3 game is almost ridiculous. Your character 'Snake' sneaks around and shoots things like any other game. However the goal of this game is to make it as life-like as possible. There are no freemen, retries, or continues. When you die you're dead, that's it. If you get injured your character doesn't collect medical boxes, he needs time to heal [in game and when the game is turned off]. Not only does your character need time to heal he should make time to hunt because your character will lose energy if he isn't well fed. This is cool but a little complicated and frustrating in a way. I like the old school games. Give me Pacman, [which by the way my high score is 102,900 points on 1 quarter], Contra, or Tetris and I'm a happy man.


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