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Thursday, November 24, 2005

What's Goin' On?!

Well...recently I have been hesitant about writing about my personal life because...well...there is just so much to write about. So I will break it down into topics and cover them as such.


School is...well...difficult. Not so much as grades. It's all psychological stuff. I'm kind of sick of getting taught at. A person, gets up in front of the class and starts talking. Each period is like a monologue of personal beliefs. I want to be involved. I think about the most influential teachers in my life and all of them involved me somehow in their lessons. Richard A. Guidry was probably one of the best teachers I ever had along with Major Hernandez. Both teachers at Highland High School. They made school fun. I didn't fall asleep, why? Because I was active in participating. Not listening to some guy drone on and on. I want to teach someday just so I can make history fun for someone. That would be cool.

My grades are good. I think. I got my mid-term grades with 4 F's. Apparently some projects were lost, tests not graded so instead of putting an 'Inc.' they put an F. My motivation for school plumitted after I got that, oh and after I spent 30 hours outlining the book of Daniel and getting a 'C+' even after I showed it to the professor and he gave his approval.

Betty got a nasty letter from one of the staff members. It was about being late on the last two payments of her school. I thought she was exaggerating when she told me that it was rude and uncalled for and that she was just being emotional. I read the note, my billed is payed off and even I was offended. Basically the letter bashed her character, told her she lost her testimony and should not be allowed to go on her extended ministry to work at a growing church because she is not fit to represent the college. This can be slightly discouraging to a women that works two jobs, and is not getting any help from friends or family. Her church was supposed to help her but she has yet to receive another payment. But whatever...


I did end up getting that job at working for as a help desk operator. I hate that title, it's so feminine, and it doesn't even explain what we do. We are not helping with internal issues within the company. In fact, we are Corresponding Network Troubleshooting Analysts and with a title like that we deserve six figure incomes! Yesss! Well, I get $10 an hour. But most of all it gets me some extra income so, hopefully, I can get a place on my own. Well...the job is cool. I sit around all day waiting for some upper-middle class, fat, balding, white guy from Philly to ask me questions, while using lingo that he doesn't understand himself, incessantly crunching on potato chips in my ear sending chills down my spine and giving me attitude because he spent the last 45 minutes power cycling his router with Hajid from India. However, when I am not on the phone I surf the internet mindlessly looking for something mildly entertaining. So that's work.


I am loving my 15 minutes of fame here at school though. I somewhat turned into a hero of some sort here at school...It is funny how the person who thinks outside the box is the persecuted one but once he becomes the man at the top of the ladder he becomes the gifted one. I still think out of the box but now it is not frowned upon. In fact, people really like it, and in turn really like me. I use my new found power not to hurt those below me though. I talk to guys I don't know and encourage them. I help people feel at home and try to give people a good laugh, yes, even at my own expense. People know that I am real. They know that I am not putting on a show just like other people. They see my good days, they see my bad days. They see when I'm struggling with something and I think something inside of them says, “See, you're not alone. Even Joe Philipson deals with his own wars.” I think that helps people. I never had much respect for a guy that had everything going good for him.

Betty and I are doing great. I will not go into any detail but things are going soo good right now. I really like this girl and hope that it ends up at the marriage altar. It is a struggle though. So many things go through my head. Things that I am not sure if they are natural or not. I sometimes do not know how to handle certain situations or what I should be expecting out of a relationship. This is the first real relationship I have ever attempted. I just take it a day at a time.

I have the best roomates in the whole world. , Chardon, and Maciaha (I still can't spell it). Maciaha gets mad at me because he's supposed to, that's what room leaders do, especially when Dr. Weaver and Dr. Goetsch are giving you beef. We all work full-time and work really hard. Yeah we don't have the cleanest room, but I feel that it is presentable none-the-less. Chardon works in the kitchen. He has to work on campus because he's a Canadian citizen and technically can not work in the US. fills sandbags all day, it's hard work but somebodies got to do it. He talks in his sleep every night at 12:00 and 12:30. When he is really tired he gets up and walks around. It was scary at first but now has become something to joke about the next day. All my roomates are really considerate and easy to get along with. I have some videos that I am uploading on video.google.com. I will post links as soon as they are approved and posted ready for viewing.


Everything is going good in this area. As I stated above I have a good job that I like. I am invested in several companies that are doing really really well.

Apple – AAPL
Boeing – BA
Titanium Metals – TIE
Sarah Lee – SLE
Prepaid Legal – PPL
Mattel – MAT
Johnson and Johnson – JNJ

I have found that this is an extremely addicting hobby but also very fun and educational. I have also decided to sell my United States Treasury Bonds and purchase more stock in TIE. This should be exciting.


I am working Thanksgiving Holiday so if you want to send me an e-mail wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving it would be much appreciated. However, before work I will be going over the Jones' house for fellowship with Betty, which should be fun, and that night I will be camping at Best Buy, in line waiting to get those holiday specials. I will be there taking pictures to document this radical event. So, I guess that is where I will leave it. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and a happy 1 year blogging for me. See you all later.

If you can decode* this I will give you mad props.

“Unccl Gunaxftvivat gb nyy naq n Zreel Zreel Puevfgznf”

*Hint - ROT13


Anonymous Bethany said...

"Happy Thanksgiving to all and a Merry Merry Christmas"
That was easy. I learned that in 9th grade. Where's my props?

11/25/2005 08:19:00 PM

Blogger Joe said...

Mad Props to you!

11/27/2005 04:18:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe: I am so sorry to read about what happen to Betty over her bill. The staff can be out of touch with what the students have to deal with. If it was one of their kids they would not have to work 2 jobs, because they go for 1/2 off.

12/02/2005 06:35:00 PM

Blogger Tim said...

how did u get Happy Thanksgiving to all and a Merry Merry Christmas out of that

sorry about betty

12/07/2005 02:19:00 PM


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