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Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Job and Drug Tests

I’m going to give a little update to my life.  Betty and I are doing good.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  I got that job at EDO.  I am currently sitting in the lobby of Sierra Medical Group awaiting to take my drug test via my urine!  How exciting! (  I’m being facetious if you couldn’t tell.  I had to take a drug test for the first time when I was applying for my job at Best Buy.  It was possibly the most awkward thing I had done.  Sitting in urgent care is always awkward.  These white metal chairs with all these different kinds of people sitting around with all their various maladies.  I fear to touch anything for I may be infected with some incurable disease left by the previous patient.  The TV in the waiting room is neat, that is if you get a seat where you can see it.  Furthermore, if you do get a good seat usually what your watching is going to be dumb. Moreover, if you got a seat, and it wasn’t dumb you wouldn’t be able to hear it because it would be at such a volume to where you could recognize the speakers were emitting some sort of reverberation but it would be too low to detect.  So annoyingly you sit, watching a TV you can’t hear trying not to make any sort of eye contact with the people around you.  ‘I wonder what her problem is’, I think to myself.  Right now I’m watching Disney’s Cinderella.  The mice are making her dress.  This leads me to my next point, why can’t I have cool mice that do nice things for me.  Like my homework, or reconnaissance work in the girl’s dorm, or assassination plots, and of course world domination.  I could sure use a couple of good mice.  

I’ve been listening to 43 Folders and I really liked the last Podcast he had.  About the phone, It is soo true!  He gives an example and says, “See that glass in your hand, it’s just temporarily pre-shattered”  I think if I just looked at everything that I won in my life and just realize that it is just pre-destroyed or pre-broke I wouldn’t freak out every time it did.  Things weren’t meant to last forever. Also, I’ve been told that it is no longer necessary to space twice after a period.  This is unconfirmed and my source is shaky at best, Mrs. Weaver, but I will search this out and see if it is true.

The last book I finished was Five People You Will Meet In Heaven.  I thought this book was going to be a good management type book.  You know, these are five people you can gleam knowledge off of to help improve your life.  Boy was I wrong! –

[I pause as some old lady uncontrollably starts coughing next to me…this is what I mean by awkward.   Some nurse just came out with all these instruments.  Anyways…]  

The book was this lame fairytale written by a person that has no clue about what heaven might be like or might not be like.  So don’t waste your time.  I’ve also read some required school reading.  Exploring the book of Daniel by John Phillips It was a great book!  Right now I am reading Flags of our Father; and When God Writes Your Love Story.  I am going to start reading Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.  I have read it before but long ago and I think I could use a brush up on how to communicate to those Venetians.  Well, I am going to start working on my Bible Doctrines 3 paper.  It is on Soteriology and the paper’s title is ‘What Principles From Romans Chapter Six Can Give The Christian Victory Over Sin In His Life?’  I heard about this website that will give you one gig of free online storage and I am thinking about loading up all of my papers on there and providing links from my blog to those papers.  That way if there are any WCBC students out there that need some help then it would be available for you.  Just don’t cheat and copy or you’ll be sorry…Well, I’ll talk to you guys later.

P.S. I don’t understand why the mice can speak but not the dog, horse, or cat.  Very strange these cartoons be….


Blogger Tim said...

Thats cool u got the job. 3 little mice that do everything for you would be nice.

11/04/2005 05:53:00 AM


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