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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Little Study of Starbucks

Because of some of the places that I gathered this information from, and the original Starbuck's logo which is very provacotive, I will be copying and pasting stuff from these sites. I won't be posting where I got them from unless you e-mail me and I can reveal that information. The Starbucks logo is not a symbol of Wicca, which some have thought.

"...Typically they are called Sirens - both the half-bird/half-woman and the half-fish/half-woman varieties. The fish type are usually called Mermaids. Both types according to the ancient Greeks were in the business of seducing mariners with songs and promises of sex and then killing them, but Hans Christian Andersen and Disney mostly made everybody forget that.

The whole sex-symbol status of mermaids hinges on the question which part is "woman" - upper or lower. "The other type of mermaid" that hapless Fry was referring to would have problems attracting suitors, of course. And how do you do it with the normal type?

Wise mythologists came up with the answer, of course. And the answer is a two-tailed mermaid sometimes called a Melusine."

If you look at the last Starbucks logo, you can see the mermaid...errrr...inviting people in...not to have coffee mind you. Today, Starbucks is viewed as an innocent coffee joint. People, like myself, have probably pondered, while in line, what the logo is supposed to be right before I order. Some people have accused Starbuscks of having a pro-homosexual view and have been pushing a homosexual agenda. Especially with the release of their new cup which promotes a homosexual lifestyle.


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