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Monday, October 17, 2005


A company named EDO called me and said that they are, “Reconsidering me for employment.”  How groovy is this?  For those of you who don’t know, Lancaster, CA is a big in the Aeronautics Industry.  Edwards Air Force Base is not too far from here and we have Northrop, Skunk works, and Lockheed Martin out here.  Seeing a B-2 Bomber or stealth fighter fly over head and sonic booms are not uncommon.  In fact, we are all used to it.  They are currently working on the F-22 Raptor and everyday at 9:00am last summer a low rumbling sonic boom would occur.  They test daily and at approximately the same time every day. Well, my friend Matt Morrison works there and when I went to apply they I saw all this air force paraphernalia.  They made me put my cell phone in the car because it had a camera on it.  No pen drives, or flash drives allowed.  No iPods allowed.  Everyone working there had a photo ID name tag.  I had to sign in and wait for a background check before I could get a “Visitor” name tag.  It might have been all for show, or maybe another department in the building is doing something secretive but because I work in the building I have to be checked out.  Who knows...  It eerily reminds me of Resident Evil.  I could be this innocent computer help desk guy but the Hive will infect me with a virus that will kill me, resurrect me, and give me an appetite for living flesh.  However, it does pay $12/hour.  So maybe the risk is worth it.  One thing that was like a thorn in my flesh was the test that I had to take for the job.  It was all Windows 95 questions.  I’m saying to myself, was that Windows 95 or Windows 2000?  -- Floppy drive?  I guess, from what Matt has told me, that EDO is subcontracted by Netgear to handle their level 2 tech support, so when India can’t figure out why you don’t have internet you come back to America level 2 support.  What I can’t understand is that the test I take asks questions about dial-up even though the job is for networking and DSL or Cable use.  However, it does pay $11/hour.  Did I say that?  Some of you are saying, “$11/hour is not good at all.”  Considering that I’m 21 living in a wasteland and all of my friends are calling their jobs “good” because their making $8/hour then this is like a miracle.  Also, EDO is a 24-hour tech. support hotline.  So I can get 8 hour shifts in.

I pray that I can get it.  It will pay good, especially if I’m planning on getting married, or going to Europe, or just anything.  A bible verse comes to mind, “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.” - Ecc 10:19  

And yes it does.  


Blogger Tim said...

Sounds cool, I miss all of the B-2s and the f-16 flying over. Hope u get the job

10/19/2005 05:36:00 AM


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