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Monday, January 17, 2005

Posting Pictures on Blogs

Some people have been asking me lately how I have been able to post pictures up on my Blog. There are two programs you can use to post pictures up on your Blog. The first one is the most popular, there is a website called Flick, this website allows you to post your personal photos on the internet for everyone and anyone to view. There is a privacy options where you can make photo's only viewable by you or members of your family but most people just make them public. You can check it out and create your own account with them. The con about using Flickr is that they limit your picture uploads to 10MB a month. You can check out my pictures here.

The second method is my favorite and is starting to catch on. It's a program called Hello, you can use this program to post photos on your blog or send photos to other Hello users. This makes it very easy for you to mass share photos with family and friends all over the world. There are no cons, unless you prefer something web-based, but as for me I don't care. With both programs you have to enter your username and password and your Blog address so that it knows where to post the photos and your pretty much done. Not that hard to use, I was posting photos within the first 10 minutes of downloading Hello.


Blogger Tim said...

hey i didnt try the flick on yet but the Hello one works great u should try it

1/17/2005 04:09:00 PM


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